Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Representation before authorities and courts in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.

The law firm possesses extensive experience, particularly in the areas of banking law, construction and real estate law, tenancy law, labour law, economic criminal law and contract law.

  • Banking and financial law disputes

    In a field as demanding as banking and financial law, we offer you our expertise, our representation and our counsel relating to disputes arising from wealth management, financial investments, credit and all other commercial operations.

  • Construction and real estate law

    Real estate and construction law are technical fields. In order to best assist you with your projects or disputes in this field, whether in your capacity as a company that is active in the real estate and construction sector, or as the owner and client, we are at your service to provide follow-up and personalised legal assistance.

  • Tenancy law

    Whether private or commercial, a lease requires attentive legal support, which we are able to provide thanks to our years of experience in this field. Whether it is to ensure the rights of tenants or legitimate claims made by owners, we are here to listen to your needs and are prepared to offer you our best services.

  • Labour law

    Knowing your rights or having them recognised either as an employee or employer is vital to ensuring healthy and productive professional relationships. In the event of a dispute, we follow up on many issues, such as the analysis and drafting of employment contracts, hiring procedures, individual and collective disputes and many other practical matters related to labour law.

  • Economic criminal proceedings

    We offer you our expertise in relation to matters of economic crime (white-collar crime), as well as in cases of unfair management, fraud, money laundering and corruption.

  • Civil liability and insurance

    When your own civil liability comes into question or you have suffered damages, we will guide you, whether vis-à-vis adverse parties or in your dealings with relevant insurance companies, calling on our expertise in this field.

  • Arbitration and mediation

    Since an alternative resolution to a dispute is sometimes preferable to lengthy proceedings before ordinary courts, we offer you our skills in matters of arbitration, mediation and conciliation, which will allow you to find an extrajudicial solution to your dispute.

  • International mutual assistance

    International mutual assistance in criminal and administrative affairs is a complex field that is currently a big news topic. We are engaged in this cooperative field, in which our competence has been recognised. We deal with international clients who call on our services in the context of criminal prosecution that implies the collaboration of Swiss authorities.

    Our specialists

    Cedric Berger
  • Family law and divorce

    Family matters are important and sensitive subjects. They require special attention. As such, we put our skills at your disposal during divorce proceedings, as well as in matters relating to children's rights.

  • Bankruptcy and debt collection, confiscation

    When the solvency of a natural or legal person is at risk, we assist our clients in debt collection proceedings, whether by means of seizure or bankruptcy.

Commercial Law & Counsel

As experts in the legal field for more than 40 years, Köstenbaum Avocats will guide you in your business endeavours and advise you in both personal and family matters.

  • Corporate law

    We assist you in the creation of Swiss or foreign companies, and throughout the duration of their existence.

  • Commercial contracts

    We offer our services to help you draft or examine any contracts that arise during the lifetime of a company or a natural person.

  • Private clients

    We assist individuals, families, foundations, trusts and family offices, as well as any other providers of wealth management services. Our clients come from Switzerland and abroad. The solutions that we propose in the fields of planning, coordinating and structuring private wealth and commercial fortunes are adapted to the specific needs of each client.

  • Inheritance

    We advise our clients in their estate planning by providing assistance with the drafting of wills, inheritance agreements, marriage contracts and property ownership agreements between registered partners. We also assist in the creation of foundations. We are at your service to take on mandates for the distribution of estate assets, as well as mandates for the execution of wills. Finally, we also assist you with all procedural matters related to inheritance.

    Our specialists

    Nathalie Hubert Dietrich
  • Wealth structuring

    Thanks to our expertise, we can provide you with the global supervision of your financial situation, both in terms of its structure and its objectives.

  • Establishment and management of companies, trusts and foundations

    We are at your service to provide assistance at every stage of the launch of your new project and planning for the perpetuation of your business.

  • Residence and work permits; Naturalisation

    Switzerland is a land of opportunity, where talent from all over the world converges. As such, we assist anyone during their process of legal integration, particularly during the procedures for obtaining residence and work permits and/or naturalisation.